How to save 1000

Wednesday, August 08, 2012 6:45:00 PM

One of my customers called me the other day. They were a bit worried because the data check showed some errors. I went down to see them and looked at the errors. Unfortunately, one of the errors could not be fixed by the tools Sage provide, so I looked at the backup history and realised that it was a bit sketchy. Just to check, I restored a backup that was a month old. The data check revealed the same error. Now we were heading into an expensive situation. In order to repair the data, it would have to be sent to Sage.

Sage charge non-SageCover customers £395 for standard data repair or £595 for express service. Alternately, they could take out SageCover Extra and get the data repair as part of the cover. This cost them over £1000. There are benefits to SageCover Extra that make this option attractive because you get free upgrades during the life of your contract. Just think twice about whether it is worth renewing.

The lessons to draw from this tale:

  1. Always run the data check when you take a backup
  2. Always read the report
  3. If there are errors contact your Business Partner immediately (warnings and comments are not so important)
  4. Take a backup every day, unless you are doing very few transactions

By sticking to this regime, if you do get data errors, you can easily restore to a good back up and re enter your transactions and save your company £1,000!


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